Best Bluetooth Speaker Under $100 to Stream Music Anywhere 

 July 21, 2021

By  Tariq Taylor

If you enjoy listening to music wirelessly or podcasts and audiobooks, you can get the best Bluetooth speaker under $100 and enjoy your wireless audios anywhere as they do not rely on an internet connection. This feature makes Bluetooth speakers more portable. With $100 or less, you can get a good speaker, so you do not necessarily have to spend too much money on a device to listen to your audio. Although $100 is not little, neither is it too much to spend on a wireless speaker, especially if you want a quality product.

The market is full of different Bluetooth speakers under $100, so you may not know exactly which one to buy. That is why we have researched and come up with this list to help you select the best Bluetooth speaker under $100. Read on to find out more on that.

1. Amazon Echo (4th Gen) with Alexa

Echo (4th Gen) | With premium sound, smart home hub, and Alexa |...
  • PREMIUM SOUND: Rich, detailed sound that automatically adapts to any room. Supports...
  • VOICE CONTROL YOUR MUSIC: Stream songs from Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify,...
  • SMART HOME HUB: Built-in hub to voice control compatible lights, locks, and sensors....
  • ALEXA IS READY TO HELP: Set timers, reminders, and alarms. Alexa answers questions...
  • START YOUR ROUTINES WITH MOTION - Turn on compatible lights, play your Flash...

Amazon has the best Bluetooth speaker under $100 for you. This 4th generation speaker has all features that you will fall in love with and enjoy using. Firstly, it features an upward-firing woofer and dual tweeters that produce a rich and detailed premium sound that automatically adapts to any room so you can enjoy listening to your audios regardless of where you are.

This Bluetooth speaker features a built-in hub so you can easily voice control all other compatible gadgets within the house like locks, lights, and even sensors. You can also easily set up compatible Zigbee devices or use Ring Smart Lighting solar lights and bulbs. In addition, this speaker by Amazon gives you control over the music you listen to as you can voice-control it.

You will love the Alexa feature that makes your work easier when using this Bluetooth speaker for under $100. The feature helps you by simplifying your work and saving time. You can set alarms, reminders, and timers, and it can also answer questions when asked what time it is, so you don't have to check your clock or watch.

Did I mention that you can also call people hands-free? With this Bluetooth speaker, you can easily and even make announcements to the whole house without going to everybody's room or calling individual phones. Furthermore, this device allows you to have your privacy as you can disconnect the microphones simply by pressing the mic off button.

Alexa gives kids-friendly responses, so this device is ideal for homes with kids. This is possible through free parental control from Amazon Kids that it also filters explicit songs and blocks shopping. In addition, whenever this speaker is idle, it reduces energy consumption by entering a low power mode.

  •   Pros
  • Great sound quality.
  • Simple set up.
  • Fast responsiveness.
  • Has Alexa feature.
  •   Cons
  • The mic becomes unreliable with the use.

2. Sony SRX-XB12 Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Sony SRS-XB12 Mini Bluetooth Speaker Loud Extra Bass Portable...
  • MUSIC THAT TRAVELS: Small size but mighty in volume to deliver powerful beats...
  • VIRTUAL HAPPY HOUR: Turn your virtual happy hour party into a dance party with EXTRA...
  • PERFECTLY PORTABLE: Use the detachable carry strap to hang, carry, or clip the...
  • WATERPROOF CASING: Take to the pool or beach without worrying about water damaging...
  • TOTALLY DUSTPROOF: This outdoor pocket speaker will keep on playing no matter how...

Getting the best Bluetooth speaker under $100 is not so hard as there are various options to choose from, including this Sony SRX waterproof speaker. This is a portable Bluetooth speaker that you can carry with you wherever you go so that you can enjoy your music anywhere. It also comes with a detachable carry strap that you can use to hang, clip, or carry the speaker wherever you are.

On most occasions, we fear taking our valued items near water to fear them being damaged by the water. That is not the case with this portable speaker. It features a waterproof casing that protects it from water damage whether you take it to the beach or the swimming pool. As mentioned earlier, the speaker is portable, and that makes it suitable for use anywhere. Because you can use it anywhere, it is dustproof to keep it safe from dust when you play it in a dusty environment.

This Sony waterproof Bluetooth speaker allows you to enjoy your music with extra bass, and the good news is that you can even add another one and pair them for the best sound quality. By connecting two speakers, you upgrade the sound and even achieve stereo sound with speaker add function.

It has longer battery life so that you can enjoy your audio for an extended time. The battery is rechargeable and can last you to 16 hours without running out. In addition, it is very light and weighs only about 8 ounces, so you can easily carry it anywhere you go.

  •   Pros
  • Waterproof design.
  • It is dustproof.
  • It is lightweight, small, and portable.
  • You can add another speaker to achieve stereo sound wirelessly.
  • Extended battery life.
  • Usable while charging.
  • Very easy to connect.
  •   Cons
  • Some customers complain that the sound does not get higher.
  • Does not produce extra bass.

3. Ultimate Ears Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Ultimate Ears is not just a Bluetooth speaker but a portable, waterproof speaker that you can connect to your phone's Bluetooth to experience the best sound quality as you play your music. With the Ultimate Ears, you can pair up to eight Bluetooth-enabled source devices or connect a maximum of two devices simultaneously.

It features a 360 degrees sound with balanced bass, and the battery can run for up to ten hours without charging. This speaker is drop-proof tested to ensure that it does not get damaged when it falls from up to a height of five feet. In addition, there is a sports hanging loop that you can use to attach the speaker to your bike, bag, or cannonball into a cove without worrying that it will drop on the ground.

This is another waterproof speaker you can carry to the beach without worrying about it being damaged by water. You can even dip it in water up to a whole meter for 30 minutes, and it still will not stop working. It was designed to get wet and still play your audios for you. However, it is loud enough and may irritate you during turning on/off as the shutdown and startup tones do not produce the most appealing sounds but are rather loud.

  •   Pros
  • Produces decent sound quality.
  • It is waterproof.
  • It is portable.
  • Long battery life.
  • Comes with a hook for hanging.
  • 360 degrees sound.
  •   Cons
  • Crackles at maximum volume.
  • The shut-off and startup sound is too loud.
  • It lacks an aux input.

4. Anker Soundcore Motion Bluetooth Speaker

Soundcore Motion+ Bluetooth Speaker with Hi-Res 30W Audio,...
  • Incredible Sound Loved by 20 Million+ People
  • Media Acclaimed: Tech Radar says Motion+ has “Excellent audio performance” and...
  • Hi-Res Audio: Anker Soundcore Motion+ Bluetooth speaker is equipped with stunning...
  • Huge Sound with Intense Bass: Packed with two ultra-high frequency tweeters, two...
  • Exceptional Depth and Clarity: Anker Soundcore Motion+ Bluetooth speaker has an...

If you need the best Bluetooth speaker under $100 for your office or home use, try soundcore motion, which produces the best sound quality as you play hour music or listen to your podcasts. For $100, this speaker is exceptional. In addition, this speaker features Hi-Res audio enhanced by Qualcomm aptX for lossless reproduction of music hen streaming.

It also produces huge sounds with intense bass to make the music more interesting to listen to. This feature is brought about by two ultra high-frequency tweeters, two neodymium woofers, and two passive radiators to fill your whole room with 30W of sound. The BassUpTM technology enhances low frequency in real-time to ensure you get only high-quality sounds. This Bluetooth device's sound is of the highest quality as it is exceptionally deep and clear.

  •   Pros
  • Great audio quality
    It is portable
    Has a USB C charging port
  •   Cons
  • Must be on a solid surface to produce great sound.
  • Delay when used for other audios besides music.

5. JBL Bluetooth Speaker JBLGO2BLK

JBL Bluetooth Speaker JBLGO2BLK black Japan used like new
  • Brand New in box. The product ships with all relevant accessories

JBL speakers are reliable, and you can try this model, and you may never look for another Bluetooth speaker brand; this is a portable Bluetooth speaker and is small in size. It looks like a block of old-style bar soap. One of the greatest features of this Bluetooth speaker is that it is waterproof, so you can even go to shower with it, and when you accidentally drop it in the bath, it will still work well.

JBL Bluetooth speaker also has an aux-in and micro USB port. It is marginally thinner than the Anker. However, the top end is more exposed and discriminates between notes more clearly. The battery of this speaker charges within two hours. The only problem is that it can only play for 5 hours, which is very limited. Five hours is only enough to play music by the pool but not enough for a picnic.

The built-in noise cancellation speakerphone gives a clear phone call experience to enjoy using the GO2 speaker model.

  •   Pros
  • It is waterproof.
  • Better sound quality than the GO model.
  • It is portable.
  • It has better bass than the GO model.
  •   Cons
  • Lengthy charging time with a short battery life.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Bluetooth Speaker Under $100

Getting the best Bluetooth speakers under $100 requires you to research well as the market is full of them. Therefore, you will need to incorporate extra effort so that you can find only the best. Furthermore, Bluetooth speakers have different features, and each is unique in its features. For that reason, we shall now discuss the factors that you need to look for when buying the best Bluetooth speakers.

The factors that you need to consider include;

(a). Bluetooth Version

The Bluetooth version varies in speakers, and it is what determines the quality of the audio. Bluetooth speakers with version 1 are almost nonexistent as it is old. The 2.1 version is more active, and most Bluetooth speakers have it. Another version is version 4, the smartest, and can also allow you to collect data from different devices like a fitness tracker.

(b). Frequency Response

Among the most important features to look for when buying the best Bluetooth speakers is the frequency response. If you are wondering what this is, it is the range at which a speaker can generate sound. Different Bluetooth speakers under $100 have different frequency responses. The frequency response rate is normally measured by Hz, and you will see it in the product description so that you can choose one with the frequency you need. Larger speakers normally have higher frequency responses than smaller ones.

(c). Stereo Sound

Different instrumental sounds come from different ways if a track is mixed. However, a speaker with stereo sound quality will specify different sounds hence providing you with a better experience. Many speakers do not achieve the sound to do so; they need more than one driver. However, for portability purposes, Bluetooth speakers do not have additional drivers.

(d). FM Tuner

Having a wireless speaker with an FM tuner is better than having only Spotify or apple music. With an FM, you can change from listening to music to listening to other programs and new music, which breaks the monotony of listening to your familiar songs all day. Although most wireless speakers may not have this feature, it is important to get a speaker.

(e). Speakerphone

A wireless speaker with a speakerphone makes it easier to communicate in large settings like a party or a large house, especially if you want to pass information to other members. A speaker with this feature allows you to make hands-free calls which are easier to do if you are busy with something else. A built-in mic makes it even easier to communicate in large settings where you want to pass information to people who are far.

(f). Battery Life

Many Bluetooth speakers have long battery life. However, some have a very short battery life that you cannot use for long hours. If you search for an affordable Bluetooth speaker that you can spend the whole day out with, check its battery life and ensure that it can last for several hours after a full charge. A wireless speaker with a long battery life allows you to enjoy your music even when you are away from home.

(g). Charging

Most Bluetooth speakers under $100 have a USB C for charging your tablet or mobile devices. This feature becomes most useful when you are away from home, and your phone is about to go off. You can use the USB port to charge your phone or tablet so that it does not go off.

I hope this article has been helpful in your search for a budget Bluetooth speaker and that you found what you were looking for. Suppose you haven't, good luck in your search.

Tariq Taylor

Price is the ultimate factor when deciding to purchase noise-canceling headphones, and while the above sentiments might be true Tariq Taylor is of the opinion that the merits of the soundproofing headphones are to be considered first. And that is the reason why he decided to come up with the comprehensive excerpts on soundproofing headphones. Tariq is a tech enthusiast and has been advocating for the production and use of quality tech gadgets, which includes the headphones. Tariq is married with one kid and has a massive collection of headphones that he reviews occasionally and also runs a forum where other tech experts converge to share ideas and discuss the challenges facing the tech industry.

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