Best Outdoor Speakers for Backyard Pool Parties & Summer Fun 

 July 14, 2021

By  Tariq Taylor

Music helps set the mood for the day. If you have the best outdoor speakers, you can enjoy the music anywhere. For instance, you can use these outdoor speakers on the poolside, weeding the lawn, hiking, camping trip, or anywhere indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, these outdoor speakers are portable, rugged, waterproof, and ergonomic, making it easy to take your music with you wherever you go.

Most portable outdoor speakers come with hooks or handles for carrying and Bluetooth wireless connectivity. Some models also provide access to voice assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa built-in. So some of these speakers can double up as smart speakers, which you can easily use to control your smart home gadgets, ask questions and play your favorite music using your voice alone.

With a lot of options on the market, choosing the right outdoor speakers can be overwhelming. To help you out, we have compiled a list of the best outdoor speaker models and factors to consider before buying. Keep reading!

1. Polk Audio Atrium 4 Outdoor Speakers

Polk Audio Atrium 4 Outdoor Speakers with Powerful Bass (Pair,...
  • CREATED TO LIVE AND PLAY OUTDOORS, your Atrium Speakers can be installed in any open...
  • WIDER SOUND DISPERSION & SURPRISINGLY POWERFUL BASS driven by a 4 1/2" mineral filled...
  • Recognized as ONE OF THE BEST-LOOKING OUTDOOR SPEAKERS, Polk Atrium 4 speakers come...
  • THE SPEAKER FOR ALL SEASONS – it’s rugged durability, high environmental...

It's time to get the best outdoor speakers that are easy to mount and offer great sound. The Polk Audio Atrium 4 Outdoor speakers come with audio drivers with a broad-coverage acoustic design tailor-made for outdoor use. Additionally, they are fairly small, measuring less than 9-inches tall so that they won't stick out much in your porch set up; plus, they feature a mounting bracket that is easy to figure out and are weather-resistant speakers.

Polk Atrium Outdoor Speakers are perfect for people who care about audio quality in a minimalist package. They have a 0.75" unit to handle treble frequencies and a 4.5" woofer to handle midrange and bass frequencies. The result is usually a more balanced sound than outdoor speakers with a single driver (the speaker's area that produces sound). Also, the speakers' curved design helps to spread sound a bit more evenly.

The Polk Atrium 4 Speakers' grilles and bracket are made of aluminum, and its internal components are made from stainless steel and brass. However, you still need to keep the speakers under shielding and ensure no speaker wire is exposed. The speakers come in multiple colors (white and black), so it is likely to match the color of your house. Irrespective of its color, the outdoor speaker has a simple shape that is aesthetically pleasing and inoffensive.

  •   Pros
  • Easy to mount speakers.
  • Perfect for people who care about audio attribute in a minimalist package.
  • Designed for outdoor use.
  • Rain and temperature resistant.
  •   Cons
  • Expensive unit.

2. Sonos Move -Smart Speaker, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth with Alexa Built-In

Sonos Move - Battery-Powered Smart Speaker, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth...
  • The durable, battery-powered smart speaker for outdoor and indoor listening
  • Easy to use - Setup takes minutes, and control is simple with the Sonos app,...
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth - Stream over Wi-Fi and connect Move to the rest of your Sonos...
  • Voice control - Amazon Alexa is built right in so in Wi-Fi you can play music, check...
  • Battery that lasts - Enjoy up to 11 hours of continuous play time and deep, powerful...

You can bet on the Sonos Move Smart Speaker for the best smart outdoor speaker. This small speaker is portable and is compatible with both the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so with Wi-Fi, you can play music, get your questions answered, and more, totally hands-free. Moreover, you can use this battery-powered smart speaker for outdoor and indoor listening.

This speaker is very easy to use, and setup takes minutes and fits into an existing Sonos audio system. It features a battery that has a battery life of up to 11 hours of continuous playtime and powerful sound. Additionally, it supports Apple AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth connection playback so you can enjoy rich bass, a wide soundstage, great audio content, and automatic Trueplay tuning. 

The Sonos Move Smart Speaker is a weather-resistant unit with an IP56 rating, so it endures humidity, snow, rain, dust, UV rays, salt spray, and extreme cold and heat. In addition, it allows you to enjoy listening to music without any wires. Though the unit's bundled charging base is designed to be used indoors, you can still power it up outside with a compatible charger and USB-C cable.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that this speaker is ultra-durable. A hard-wearing shock-resistant case protects the inside components, so don't worry about accidental bumps and drops.

  •   Pros
  • Durable wireless Bluetooth speaker.
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Portable speaker.
  • Weather-resistant speaker.
  •   Cons
  • Expensive unit.

3. Klipsch AWR-650-SM Indoor and Outdoor Speakers - Granite

Klipsch AWR-650-SM Indoor/Outdoor Speaker - Granite (Each)
  • True two-way design
  • Dual voice coil polymer woofer
  • Dual polymer dome tweeters
  • Durable UV-resistant enclosure
  • Available in a granite or sandstone finish

If you are looking for the best outdoor speakers that can easily camouflage in your outdoor space, we recommend the Klopsch AWR-650 -SM Indoor and Outdoor Speaker. Although this natural-looking speaker is camouflaged in your indoor and outdoor space, its sound quality doesn't stay hidden. Inside the faux-stone frame, it accommodates a 6.5-inch woofer and dual 0.8-inch tweeters to offer loud, clear audio with substantial bass to keep your barbecues booming. It also gives you clear highs and deep, pounding lows plus befitting the rock appearance; these outdoor speakers can withstand all kinds of weather and are water-repellant.

These speakers weigh 13 pounds, so you know a big flurry of wind won't blow them clear across the backyard, and they are well-sealed to keep out the elements. The granite finish on this speaker claims a durable UV-resistant enclosure and waterproof wires that are easy to hide or bury so you can enjoy the great superior sound with a semi-secret style. Furthermore, you can securely mount them if you decide to place them up high; they would work well at floor level too.

The AW-650-SM speaker is one of the best outdoor speakers you can purchase if you love large speakers. These natural-looking speakers measure 11 x 15 x 17 inches. They offer audio quality, and the result is booming bass and crisp, full vocals that can overpower the ambient noise of the outdoors when you wish to.

  •   Pros
  • Weather-resistant and waterproof speakers.
  • Easily camouflage in your outdoor space.
  • Offer satisfying bass and crisp treble.
  • Ideal for outdoor use.
  •   Cons
  • Expensive unit.

4. Sonos Outdoor Speakers by Sonance for Outdoor Listening

Sonos Outdoor Speakers- Pair Of Architectural Speakers By Sonance...
  • The architectural speakers by Sonance for outdoor listening. Get detailed sound in...
  • These speakers are engineered to withstand humidity, water, salt spray, heat, UV...
  • With a shared commitment to superior sound and great design, Sonos and Sonance have...
  • Package content: 2 each of Outdoor Speakers, Speaker Grilles, FastMount Brackets,...

If you are looking for the best outdoor speakers that offer the best connectivity, count on the Sonos Outdoor Speakers. Along with their in-ceiling and in-wall speakers, these speakers collaborate between Sonos and speaker manufacturer Sonance. Although they may look like a standard set of outdoor speakers, Sonos' option has several tricks up its sleeve. They are made with a durable outer casing and designed to handle humidity, salt spray, water, UV rays, heat, and freezing temperatures.

The speakers come with the best audio quality. You can use them with any stereo equipment, although they were designed to be used with the Sonos Amp. When you connect them to the Amp, you can wirelessly stream music to the speakers via the Sons App (Android or iOS), Airplay 2 on Apple gadgets, making them a bit closer to Bluetooth speakers.

Although you can stream music to these outdoor speakers wirelessly, they still need to be hooked up to an amplifier with speaker cables. Also, they need to be hung from under a shelter or on the side of your home. Moreover, if you want outdoor speakers that are a bit easier to use, this set is the right option.

  •   Pros
  • Offers the best connectivity.
  • Easy to use and setup speakers.
  • Made with a durable outer casing.
  • Weather-resistant set of speakers.
  •   Cons
  • A bit expensive.

5. MEGABOOM 3 (Ultimate Ears) Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker -...
  • Performance meets style : colors and materials based on Street trends and fashion...
  • Enhanced portability power up, waterproof, portable, durable, drop proof, dustproof,...
  • One touch to music feature "one touch" To control music and "one touch" To access...
  • Party up connect with Boom, Boom2, megaboom and Charge Megaboom 3 wirelessly with...
  • New in Non-retail packaging and 100% Authentic

If you are searching for the best Bluetooth speakers you can use as outdoor and indoor speakers; we recommend the MegaBoom 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker from Ultimate Ears. This unit is large for a Bluetooth speaker but still portable and fully wireless. In addition, it comes with an IPX7 waterproof rating, meaning it can sit on the beach, by the pool, or even get dunked underwater and keep on ticking; plus, it is drop-proof and dustproof.

The MegaBoom 3 Outdoor Speaker comes with a battery life of 20 hours which should have your outdoor pool party filled with music all day long. Furthermore, you can pair this speaker with other UE speakers for the ultimate stereo sound experience. It features a "one-touch" to access playlist with Deezer and Apple Music and control music.

If you are also looking for the ideal unit that can go anywhere and still sound great doing it, the MegaBoom 3 is one of the best options.

  •   Pros
  • One of the best portable Bluetooth speakers.
  • Weather-resistant speaker.
  • One-touch access to access playlist and control music.
  • An ideal unit that can go anywhere.
  •   Cons
  • Expensive unit.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Outdoor Speakers

1. Types of speakers

There are different types of speakers to select from across many brands. Though the number of options can feel a bit intimidating, narrowing down the speaker you want helps move the process. Some of the speaker types that offer great sound include satellite, subwoofer, floor-standing, bookshelf, soundbar, portable and more.

  • Satellite speakers- These speaker types are usually very small speakers and are best when joined with a subwoofer, resulting in a more compact audio sound system.
  • A soundbar-This type is another convenient choice for those who want to improve audio (usually for televisions) without any worries or space. 
  • Floor-standing and bookshelf speakers- These speaker types have the best overall sound quality because the drivers and enclosures are accorded for performance. Nonetheless, such models occupy big floor space, which can be an essential consideration for room layouts.
  • In-wall speakers- These speaker types have grills that you can paint to match the walls for an invisible speaker effect.
  • Portable speakers- These speaker types are fun and easy, featuring rechargeable batteries and wireless connectivity; however, they frequently lack strong sound compared to more regular types.

2. Sound quality

When looking for an outdoor speaker, consider the sound quality. It is an important consideration though it depends on personal judgment. Everyone has different tastes, so what sounds great to one person might underwhelm another. There usually no "best-ever" speaker on the market, and more than one type can have equal appeal to a person's ears.

Before buying speakers, listen to several models with music that you are familiar with. Also, you can bring along your favorite music on a flash drive or CDs. Listening to live music also helps gauge and evaluate speakers. The music should sound as usual to your ears, have a well-balanced tone quality, and be easy to enjoy for long.

3. Water resistance and portability

Besides looking for an outdoor speaker that offers superior sound quality, you need to look for waterproof speakers, allowing you to enjoy music beside a swimming pool or at the beach. Additionally, the speakers need not be too large or too heavy because this will limit you from going with them outside. Therefore, the right speakers need to be of average size and lightweight to allow you to carry them around with ease. Since not most outdoor speakers are water resistance, choose carefully.

4. Functionality

When shopping for outdoor speakers, the functionality should also be your priority, as it enables you to enjoy the units' use. If the unit is not at hand for easy use, you might soon become disinterested. When purchasing wireless Bluetooth speakers hands-free, you need to think and be aware of the great performance and fantastic features. You, therefore, need to check the specifications and see if the speakers meet your needs.

If these standards are in order, you could easily get the perfect Bluetooth speakerphone for indoor and outdoor use. Moreover, they are usually portable and easy to use.

5. Components to match with

For best results, some outdoor speakers need to match an amplifier or even a receiver to deliver the proper amount of power. Manufacturers specify a range of amplifier power needed to properly power every unit. For instance, a speaker may require 30-100 watts of output power to operate well. If going with a surround-sound or multi-channel setup, stick with the same speakers brand for performance reasons. If it is a mix-and-match situation, then you require more fine-tuning.

Tariq Taylor

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