Best Studio Headphones to Express Your Creative Genius 

 July 12, 2021

By  Tariq Taylor

If there is one item that is easy to replace or bring to the studio, it is the best studio headphones. Getting a good pair that is high-quality and highly portable will enhance your overall studio experience. A great pair of studio headphones will allow you to assess the stereo image you're working on and enhance the fine and low-end details within your project or mix.

Choosing the right studio headphones for you is a very personal choice. Therefore, we've taken the liberty to compile for you the best, most effective studio headphones that you can rely on as you create your amazing mixes and sounds.

Whether you want open-back headphones, semi-open back headphones, closed-back headphones, or in-ear headphones, you want to get the best ones for your studio recording.

Let's take quick a look at some of the most sort after studio headphones in the market.

Best Studio Headphones

1. Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Studio Monitor Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Professional Studio Monitor Headphones,...
  • Critically acclaimed sonic performance praised by top audio engineers and pro audio...
  • Proprietary 45 millimeter large aperture drivers with rare earth magnets and copper...
  • Exceptional clarity throughout an extended frequency range with deep accurate bass...
  • Circumaural design contours around the ears for excellent sound isolation in loud...
  • 90 degree swiveling earcups for easy one ear monitoring and professional grade earpad...

These studio headphones are the top studio headphones for a reason. They are incredibly comfortable, have amazing sound quality, bend and fold in all the right places, and are very lightweight. You won't have to look for over-ear headphones for convenience and comfort once you get your hands on these best headphones.

Weighing approximately 258 grams, you will barely feel them. All you feel is the amazing music that you're producing. These studio headphones don't have a detailed and airy HF region. Nonetheless, they produce very high sound quality.

You'll find that the bottom-end extends down, and the mids are forward and clear. Your comfort was one of the main things in the minds of these designers when they were creating these headphones.

The Proprietary 45-millimeter large-aperture drivers contain copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils and earth magnets that enhance the sound. As a result, you will get some of the best clarity you have ever experienced with these Audio-Technica ATH-M50X headphones.

Some of the best and top sound and audio engineers use these Audio-Technica ATH-M50X headphones, and you will never hear them complain.

  •   Pros
  • Budget-friendly
  • Have great clarity
  • DJ-friendly
  • Very comfortable to use
  • Has great sound isolation in noisy environments
  •   Cons
  • Lacks a detailed high-end region

2. Sony MDR 7506 Professional Headphone

Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone
  • Neodymium magnets and 40 millimeter drivers for powerful, detailed sound
  • Closed ear design provides comfort and outstanding reduction of external noises
  • 9.8 foot cord ends in gold plated plug and it is not detachable; 1/4 inch adapter...
  • Folds up for storage or travel in provided soft case
  • Frequency Response: 10 Hertz to 20 kilohertz

These very high-quality Sony budget studio headphones come at an affordable price. This studio headphone is also lightweight and comfortable enough to wear for extended periods. You can use it in your studio for as long as you like and not get ear fatigue. The 40mm PET diaphragm and the 40mm PET diaphragm enhance the performance of these dynamic headphones.

The purchase of these Sony MDR 7506 best studio headphones comes with some accessories, including a carrying bag and a unimatch plug. In addition, these Sony MDR 7506 recording headphones have unique features, including a convenient folding design, a rugged design, gold connectors, and 40mm driver units.

The professional-quality oxygen-free copper (OFC) also adds to the appeal of these Sony MDR 7506 headphones. You can use these Sony headphones for electronic news-gathering, film production, radio, and sound monitoring in recording studios.

The closed-ear design makes these headphones a great choice for home recording studios. These Sony MDR7506 professional headphones are outstanding headphones that anyone who wants to make it in music should have with them.

  •   Pros
  • Comfortable for long sessions
  • Affordable
  • Excellent sound reproduction
  • Suitable for amateurs and professionals
  • Compact design
  •   Cons
  • Cushioned part wears easily

3. Sennheiser HD 206 Stereo Headphone

Sennheiser HD 206 Stereo Headphone
  • Closed-back design provides passive noise isolation and prevents sound from bleeding...
  • Lightweight and comfortable designed ideal for long listening, studio or DJ sessions
  • 24-ohm impedance provides compatibility with cell phones, tablets, computers,...
  • 1/8" plug (3.5mm) with 1/4" (6.3mm) adapter included
  • Delivers powerful, bass-driven sound

These Sennheiser HD are very affordable and sound great. Studio production can be a hectic process, and having high impedance headphones can be a game-changer. With these Sennheiser HD comfortable headphones, you can be in the recording studio for hours and still hear sounds loud and clear. In addition, these headphones feature a durable string construction that any sound engineer would love.

The sound stage of your production will feel like a breeze, especially with the crisp sound that these Sennheiser HD consumer headphones produce. The detailed sound will make you smile the minute you put them on. Outside noise will rarely be a bother as you are recording tracks.

The bass produced by these Sennheiser HD headphones is rich and crispy. Once you get these headphones, you'll realize that they are exactly what you needed for your studio session. These Sennheiser HD headphones have hypoallergenic ear pads to protect you from external noise.

  •   Pros
  • Highly durable
  • Great for studio use
  • Good for noise cancellation
  • Perfect for tracking
  • Lightweight
  • Have a balanced response
  •   Cons
  • The cord can be annoyingly long

4. Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro Studio Headphone

beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro Studio Headphone, DT 1770 PRO (DT 1770...
  • Closed studio reference headphones for mixing, mastering, monitoring and recording,...
  • 250 ohms, 45 mm dynamic Tesla neodymium drivers
  • Single sided, detachable cable with mini-XLR connectors.Nominal sound pressure...
  • Soft, replaceable ear pads and headband for long studio sessions
  • Delivery contents: 2 ear pads (velour and leathrette), 2 cables (coiled and straight,...

These Beyerdynamic studio headphones are an audio heavyweight. Many music producers and sound studio operators have been using these Beyerdynamic for over three decades. These closed reference headphones incorporate years of expertise and innovation to give amazing studio hours.

If you want the best studio headphones designed specifically for mixing, these studio monitors are the ones for you. The sound quality on these studio headphones is also to die for. You will experience a well-balanced sound across the audible spectrum.

These studio closed-back headphones also have a huge range of uses, but it's best to get them if you are doing some mixing. Also, you might need to drive them hard because they have a high-impedance design.

The mid-range of these closed-back headphones is free from any audible phase shift. This feature of these closed-back headphones allows them to have amazing clarity suitable for professional use. You will feel incredible from using these closed-back headphones.

The ear cups are also comfortable and will not hurt your ears after continued use. You will get amazing audio detail from the left to the right, front to back, and even in the corners of the ear cups.

  •   Pros
  • Offer great audio clarity
  • Have amazing sound quality
  • Durable construction
  • Have superb low-end detail
  • Come with a detachable cable
  •   Cons
  • Expensive

5. Audio-Technica Professional In-Ear Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-E70 Professional In-Ear Studio Monitor...
  • Three balanced armature drivers provide accurate and extended response across the...
  • Flexible memory cable loops over ears for a custom fit and long-wearing comfort
  • Specially designed housing provides maximum isolation, allowing you to focus on the...
  • Detachable cable offers exceptional durability and optimized audio performance
  • Includes a carrying case, silicone ear tips, Comply foam ear tips and 6.3mm (1/4")...

Our final pick is a pair of in-ear earphones that have the best audio quality. Your sound signature will sound so good in these studio headphones. Although they don't have ear cups or ear pads like other open-back headphones, you can be sure that these headphones are worth it. The three balanced armature drivers provide accurate and extended frequency responses across the whole frequency range.

The frequency response of these studio headphones is amazing. The memory cable can loop over your ears to give a custom and comfortable fit. If you want to balance your mix precisely, these studio headphones are what you need. In addition to having an amazing frequency response, these headphones allow you to mix in the studio or monitor while on stage.

Thanks to the maximum isolation feature, you can block out any ambient noise and focus fully on your music. The detachable cable enhances your flexibility and your overall performance. You don't have to worry about the ear cup feeling too tight since these are in-ear headphones and not over-ear models. You get several accessories with this purchase, including a carrying case, adaptor, comply foam ear tips, and silicone ear tips.

  •   Pros
  • Have great frequency response
  • Give you a comfortable and custom fit
  • Come with a detachable cable for flexibility
  • Provide maximum isolation
  • Durable
  •   Cons
  • Expensive

Factors to Consider When Getting the Best Studio Headphones

1. Sensitivity

The best headphones for the studio are the ones that have a higher sensitivity. This is because they will allow you to edit minor details that will ultimately improve your work. You can think of sensitivity as the efficiency of your headphones to convert electrical signals into the sound you hear.

Sensitivity determines the loudness of your headphones' sound with a specific electrical drive level. So whether it's long listening sessions or not, you want headphones that have a sensitivity of no higher than 120 decibels (dB).

Ensure that you don't go over 85dBs sensitivity, especially when you are going for long music sessions. Even if you are in noisy environments, avoid using a sensitivity of over 100dBs. These precautions are to ensure that your ears remain safe and healthy.

Therefore, if you are interested in hearing the minute details of your music, consider sensitivity as one of the major factors while choosing from the options above.

2. Impedance

The impedance of your very best studio headphones is measured in Ohms. You will see this value under the specs of the headphones. Professional headphones are now being designed to work more effectively with typical electronic devices without losing their quality or power.

Normally, the impedance value of your headphones increases whenever more voltage is required to drive them at a particular current. Therefore, when the impedance value is high, more power will be needed to produce the volume you hear.

Therefore, go for monitor headphones that have a low impedance value. These are more in sync with many lower voltage devices. The impedance value is also a crucial factor when it comes to the output limitations of amplifiers.

In an ideal situation, amplifiers should have an output impedance that is the 8th quarter in contrast with the studio headphones. Therefore, ensure that you select headphones with ideal impedance values, as this will save you the hassle of getting other headphones very soon.

3. Comfort

The best studio headphones need to be comfortable, especially when you wear them for extended periods. Padded ear pads are the best as they offer you a comfortable experience and also acoustic exclusion.

The padded ear pads are also great because they keep sound leakage at bay, keep outside distractions out, and prevent any noise from your backing track from spilling into your mics. Your listening experience will also be greatly enhanced if your ears are comfortable.

You're able to create and step into your little world until you're ready to come out. This will allow your creative juices to flow effortlessly and also allow you to focus for hours.

One thing to ensure is that you choose headphones that won't make you sweat too much. Again, look at the measurements and ensure that they are great for you.

4. Type of Operation

What do you intend to do with your headphones? Mixing, mastering, and monitoring are some of the tasks you'll be doing with your headphones that have great frequency response. Whether you want Bluetooth headphones or not, ensure that you know what you want to do with your headphones.

Even if you want a great model like our first pick or the Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO, ensure that you get one that is dedicated to what you want to do. You can also get headphones that are for more than one purpose. For example, you can get headphones that can be used for both monitoring and mixing.

5. Accuracy

It doesn't matter if you choose on-ear headphones or any other type if you can't produce a professional mix. Accuracy is what will determine the success of your mix. The gears plus your skills are what determine the accuracy of your work.

The gear that gives you accurate frequencies is vital to the process. Therefore, you can go with headphones that are great for mastering or audio mixing. This will allow you to get accurate frequencies.

Getting accurate sound while mixing music is possible even on a tight budget, as we've seen above. As you hone your skills, make the process smoother by getting a good pair of headphones.

6. Isolation

Isolation is another important way to choose your headphones. Studio headphones are often isolated with a foam placed to the driver. Ear cushions can keep you comfortable. However, a good foam can protect you from any outside noise that can cause you to mess up.

A good foam will not leak sound. If you've worked in a recording studio before, you understand that isolation is extremely important. If your headphones are well isolated, you won't have click tracks leading outside and getting captured by your microphone.

You will also be able to create your little world without being bothered by anyone.


Did you enjoy reading about the headphones that will help you kick ass in the studio? Remember to read through the specs before settling on a choice. Then, pay attention to sensitivity, comfort, isolation, and accuracy, and you'll be well on your way to win a Grammy. 

Tariq Taylor

Price is the ultimate factor when deciding to purchase noise-canceling headphones, and while the above sentiments might be true Tariq Taylor is of the opinion that the merits of the soundproofing headphones are to be considered first. And that is the reason why he decided to come up with the comprehensive excerpts on soundproofing headphones. Tariq is a tech enthusiast and has been advocating for the production and use of quality tech gadgets, which includes the headphones. Tariq is married with one kid and has a massive collection of headphones that he reviews occasionally and also runs a forum where other tech experts converge to share ideas and discuss the challenges facing the tech industry.

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