Green glue joist tape review 

 July 13, 2020

By  Tariq Taylor

Are you bothered by sounds coming from your floor boards in the form of squeaks and loud footsteps? Green glue joist tape is one of the top solutions for such noises. This review delves into the factors that make allow it to perform its intended task as well as how to install it.

A common complaint both in house and work environments is the sound of loud squeaky floors and footsteps. These sounds are often a result of the combination of the floor material and construction style and execution, and can be prevented. A common solution is the use of noise proofing tape on floor boards.

Green glue joist tape is becoming widely used in this respect, gathering great reviews and high ratings. It dampens foot traffic while preventing squeaky floors. The tape works by creating a seal which prevents voids in the floor through the drying and shrinkage of the joists in the tape, creating an air tight insulation layer above the floor boards and below the sub-floor. It is very easy to install and can be done as a DIY, or incorporated as part of a professional flooring job since it can be done by hand or with a roller

What to expect from a pack of Green glue joist tape

As a buyer, you have three options when it comes to buying a pack of green glue joist tape, based on common sizes in construction. These options only differ in the thickness of the joist ranging from 1-7/16 inches to 3 inches.


  • Width/ thickness (Joist): 3 inches, 2-1/4 inches or 1-7/16 inches
  • Size: 100 feet (linear)
  • Tape thickness: 1/8 inches

The specs described above should be the factors for consideration when choosing a pack, and determining the method of installation as follows:

Pre-cut tape width – This is the factor that differs between different packs of green glue joist tape, and is this is done so specially to ensure that there is little to no wastage, since you can buy the width that best suits your floor boards. This therefore eliminates the need for you to cut the tape, since it is based on common floor board construction sizes.

It is notable that the manufacturers of green glue joist tape also give the user an option of requesting for a custom tape width, up to 55 inches, through contacting them directly.

Size – The tape is 100 feet long, which is impressive. This length should be considered with respect to the room size, since the width is already factored in and should determine how many packs of tape you will need to fully cover your room.

Tape thickness – This is a standard 1/8 inches, which has proven to be effective in achieving the tape’s objectives in sound deadening and energy insulation.

What are the key features?

The main objective of sound proofing tape, like Green glue joist tape is to reduce noise coming from the floorboards, which the tape is very effective in.

  • Eliminates Squeaking and Reduces foot traffic

As mentioned above, the main objective of green glue hoist tape is to reduce the noise from floor boards. It accomplishes this by creating an airtight insulation layer between the main floor boards and sub floor. The joists dry and shrink to ensure that little to no sound comes from the floor, while the insolation layer muffles any sounds that may be coming from the lower layer of floor boarding. This combination of factors and effects eliminates the floor’s squeaking sounds from the floor and annoyingly loud foot traffic making for a quieter home or work environment.

  • Energy insulation

This tape has very low thermal conductivity and is in fact designed to create a layer of insulation between the base floor and sub floor in order to create its soundproofing effect. This airtight layer of insulation, working between the floor bases, ensures that heat and energy is neither lost to the outside, nor gained from the outside. This energy insulation effect is very useful in both cold and warm environments. In cold environments, the insulation layer ensures that the AC energy in the room does not leak to the outside, while ensuring that the cool energy from the outside does not enter the room. On the other hand, in warm environments, the layer of insulation ensures that there is no excessive heat from the outside making its way into the insulated room, whether or not there is an AC working.

  • Easy installation

The installation process is very easy, requires very little time and can be done at home, as a DIY. It can be done in one of two ways; by hand or using a roller, both of which are equally effective and easy. Both installation methods follow the same steps as listed below:

How to install

  • First make sure that the surface you intend to use the tape on is clean and free from any water or dust particles and dirt. Such particles or water would reduce the effectiveness of the tape and increase the chances of the tape developing air bubbles and ridges.
  • Apply the Green glue joist tape, with the adhesive side down, making sure to smooth out any air bubbles or areas of inconsistency like folds.
  • Make sure that the application of the tape is even and that it is only one placement per floor space, since one layer should be enough to give the intended noise proofing and energy insolation effect.
  • Do not use any form of construction adhesive as it may tamper with the effectiveness of the tape. The tape is made with an adhesive side, which should be the only source of adhesiveness for it.
  • Carefully install the subfloor on top of the taped layer, taking care not to damage the layer of tape.


  • It acts as an energy insulator
  • It eliminates squeaking in floor boards
  • It is very easy to install
  • It reduces the noise from foot traffic
  • It is affordable


  • Its adhesive is not very strong, making it necessary to cover it with the top floor boarding as soon as possible after application


Final thoughts

Green glue joist tape would be a great investment for both a home and work environment as it is proven to have a deadening effect on floor squeaks and loud foot traffic, making the environment more silent. It also acts as an energy insulator, which maintains the room at a desired temperature regardless of outside temperature, which can work both ways; keeping the room warm in a cold season or cool in an extremely hot season. It is also very easy to install, which increases its appeal to a wide variety of users. Its adhesive side is a little week though, so you would need to cover it up as soon as possible after laying the tape down.


Does the tape work well for walls?

Yes it does. However, putting it up could prove to be quite a task, especially with high walls when doing it by hand, and you would need to cover or sheetrock over it on the same day you apply it on the wall or as soon as possible, to avoid it rolling down and losing its adhesiveness.

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