How to make exhaust quiet without losing power 

 June 9, 2021

By  Tariq Taylor

I am a member of one of the largest automotive online communities. One of the most common questions members ask is how to make exhaust quiet without losing power.

Nothing is more irritating than driving a car that makes everyone around you swear.

Not only does a loud exhaust affect pedestrians, but it can also be annoying to those traveling without you in your car.

In addition, if you are moving to a new state, such as Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma, etc. that restricts the use of mufflers that emit “unusual” sounds, you will need to find a way to quiet your car. (Source)

In this article, I will share ideas on how to quiet your exhaust without affecting your vehicle’s performance.

What makes an exhaust loud / noisy?
Before you get started with the different methods to quiet a loud exhaust, it’s important to get a clear picture of what makes the exhaust loud.

In most cases, you are using an old exhaust, and in rare cases, your exhaust may be too strong.

Another common cause of exhaust noise is leaking. To see if this could be the problem with your car, park it and check for smoke or puddles underneath.

Make sure you check this on a flat surface with the parking brake firmly on. Safety first.

Now that you know the main culprits, let’s look at several ways you can quiet a noisy exhaust without losing performance.

How to quiet exhaust without losing power how to quiet exhaust without losing power.

How to quiet exhaust without losing power
There are five different ways to make an exhaust quieter. Let’s take a look at them in detail.

1. fix the leak
Once you’ve discovered a leak, the best way to fix the noise problem is to fix it. You will need a heat-resistant epoxy to fix small holes. Fortunately, the instructions on the package will make the installation process much easier for you.

If the hole is too large, you will need muffler cement, a good example is Dynomax muffler cement. Invest in a pipe that will effectively seal the hole and prevent further leaks.

Before applying any of the products mentioned here, make sure you remove any rust on the surface you want to treat.

If the exhaust is covered with holes, buy a new one rather than trying to repair the holes.

2. invest in a quiet muffler.
If you want to solve this problem once and for all, it’s best to invest in a new quiet muffler.

This is the part that encases the last part of the exhaust pipe before it opens. Its main purpose is to make the exhaust quieter.

Even if you had previously invested in a quiet performance muffler, you may need to get a new one if the old one gets ripped out. Here are some of our most recommended mufflers that you can get on the market today.

There are different types of mufflers designed for different vehicles and so take your time in choosing one that is right for your car.

If you want to install the muffler yourself, make sure to check out various YouTube tutorials and red guides to make sure what you are doing. (Source)

If you are not sure, you should hire a professional to do the job.

3. DIY Quiet Muffler
The next option you can choose from involves using mufflers or DIY quiet mufflers. If you are on a budget and can’t afford a new muffler, you should rather stick to a DIY muffler.

You will need a sound deadening material to muffle the exhaust noise as it passes through the exhaust system.

Some of the most popular silencing materials include steel peelings, metal wool, and fiberglass. Whatever material you use, make sure it is heat resistant.

There are many videos online that offer step by step instructions on how to design a quiet muffler. However, if you are not experienced enough, it is always important to seek help from a qualified mechanic who has worked on mufflers in the past.

How quiet muffler without power loss how quiet muffler without power loss.

4. DIY muffler
If you can’t afford to invest in a pre-made muffler, you may need to invest in a DIY muffler. You should note that this is a method that you should do at your own risk.

There are many DIY tutorials online on how to design a silencer. One of the most popular methods is to use a ball of steel wool, soda can, or glass lid.

While some of these will be very effective, you should understand that this approach is riskier if you are not 100% sure what you are doing.

5. buy a silencer
If a DIY muffler isn’t your thing, you can buy a new muffler online. A muffler narrows the hole through which the exhaust noise must pass, reducing the noise.

Installing a prefabricated muffler does not require professional help. All you have to do is slide the muffler into the exhaust pipe, and you’re good to go.

However, make sure you invest in one that is specific to your vehicle’s exhaust. While this option won’t completely kill the sound like the other methods above, it’s a cheap and easy fix.

Other hacks to quiet a car
If you’re traveling with kids and are worried that exhaust noise is more likely to annoy passengers, there are a few things you can do.

You can soundproof car interiors.

However, you should note that this method only prevents bugs. In addition, the exhaust noise disturbs those in the car and will do nothing for pedestrians.

Soundproofing sprays, soundproofing mats such as lizard skin, SoundSkins and Dynamat will help you achieve a quieter car cabin.

How to make exhaust quiet without losing power
A sound deadened car will make your driving experience a whole lot better.

Not only is it best for you, but it’s also best for your surroundings and will also help you avoid problems with the police, especially if you’re visiting states that restrict the use of loud mufflers.

Above are some of the different methods you can implement now to achieve a quieter ride.

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