Quietest Blender in the Market 

 February 24, 2021

By  Tariq Taylor

You can create a smoothie with the quietest blender and mix softly right in the middle of the night.

Four of the noisiest home appliances are blenders. Blending smoothies can create friction between you and your roommates or neighbors in the morning before you leave for work.

The night before, others may consider having a smoothie, but that's not the smartest idea either.

Fortunately, with noise mitigation in mind, several blenders have been made. Although they're not 100 percent silent, these smoothie makers are much louder than conventional blenders. A thorough overview of the quietest blender is given below.

What is the blender that's quietest?

The Blendtec Pro 800 model is one of the quietest blenders that can achieve better results using an 1800W engine. With a remarkable sonic housing, it features sophisticated airflow technology.

Furthermore, the blender has a soundproof, removable plastic hood seal that can be reduced to less than 10 dB. Furthermore, this unit works at an output of 3.8 horsepower. With blunt scissors, the maximum container weighs 36 ounces to puree the rice.

For both manual and automatic speeds, the blender consists of sensors. Eleven-speed and pulse button settings will also support consumers. You can prepare blended drinks and juices with this package.

It has a touch screen that reveals loops and details about time. The entire kit features several recipes and straightforward instructions to make your task uncomplicated. Furthermore, it has a promise of 10 years. Vitamix the Quiet is an alternate option.

Top 5 Quietest Smoothie Makers On The Market.

1 ) Jamba Appliances Quiet Shield Blender.

Jamba Appliances Quiet Shield Blender with 32 oz Jar, Gray...
  • Significantly quieter than the leading competitors
  • Sound enclosure minimizes noise while blending
  • Powerful 1.6 peak HP motor easily pulverizes ice cubes and tough fruits & vegetables
  • Infinite speed control with pulse
  • Includes dishwasher safe 32 oz. jar, custom tamper, and recipe book

With a favourable price, Jamba has a special style that lets it run silently. It has a soundproof housing that muffles the sound that comes from the motor and the blending pot.

Remarkably, there is a shatterproof glass or 32oz dishwasher safe for this device. Some products come with a different blade assembly with a 20 oz container and a lid that is ideal for flying ingredients.

With two glasses, users can make multiple products such as milkshakes, smoothies and other drinks. It uses a 1200w motor with a power of 1.6 hp. The presence of the manipulator facilitates the breaking of tough and frozen ingredients.

The blender also has a lightweight size to allow for storage that is more available. To make it easier to use, the unit has self-cleaning capabilities. Finally, the products come from plastic that is BPA-free.

2) Hamilton Beach Professional 1500W Quiet Shield Blender.

Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Shield Blender, 1500W, 32oz BPA...
  • Crushes Ice and Frozen Ingredients Fast Powerful 1500 Watt/ 20 Peak Hp and Hardened,...
  • Removable Quiet Shield Dampens Noise During the Blending Process; Infinite Speed...
  • 4 Program Settings Smoothie, Ice Crush, Puree, and Clean Offer One-Touch Convenience...
  • 32 Oz Shatterproof Jar BPA-Free Jar Included Tamper Fits Through Lid to Help Bled...
  • Dishwasher-Safe Parts the Blender Jar, Lid and Tamper Are All Dishwasher Safe as Well

If you desire a quiet blender with an affordable option, consider Hamilton Beach. Its blades come from stainless steel and spin at 150 mph. The pitcher, on the other hand, comes from plastic.

You can use the pulse function to prevent over-processing. The blender also has four-speed controls for all the conveniences like crushing ice and pureeing. The shatterproof glass weighs 32 ounces.

There is a timer that automatically stops after setting. It gives an output of 2.0 horsepower through its 1500watt motor. There is a remarkable noise reduction due to a removable shield and a motor on manageable levels.

Nevertheless, the device has self-cleaning properties. With a cooling system, it becomes better to reduce overheating during operation. You can also use the dishwasher to clean the BPA-free vessel alongside the rest of the parts.

It has a tamper to mix hard ingredients. The buyer enjoys a five-year warranty.

3) Optimal high-speed blender VAC2.

Optimum Vacuum Blender - High-Speed Countertop Kitchen Smoothie...
  • VACUUM TECHNOLOGY Automatically removes the air from the container before each blend...
  • POWERFUL A 2,238 W Motor allows the Optimum VAC2 to outperform other blenders on the...
  • VERSATILE Large wet/dry 2 Liter BPA-free Jug, with hammer-forged 100% stainless steel...
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE: Designed and tested in Australia by Globally respected brand...
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE 30 Day Free Trial (Money Back Guarantee) with 10-year motor,...

The high-speed mixer has an extraordinary breakthrough vacuum technology. The main advantage of vacuum mixers is that they release oxygen before mixing.

Preventing oxygen from entering preserves nutrients from being destroyed by oxidation. The machine achieves this through its tight seal along with vacuum functionality.

Here's a simple fact; you can only use automatic settings to run the vacuum. The equipment has a 2238-watt motor with six stainless steel blades to quickly crush seeds and ice.

The product is ideal for making frappes, milkshakes and green smoothies. There is an option to select built-in programs for multiple recipes such as nuts, fruits, vegetables and more. Touching a button is what you have to do.

Interestingly, the vacuum blender is made up of a digital LED display screen. To run, there are various speeds; different ingredients are driven by the owner's manual.

This product has a BPA-free jug with a capacity of 67.7 ounces. Also, you can clean it with the help of a dishwasher.

The entire package includes a booklet with more than 70 healthy recipes and a manual. As if that wasn't enough, it also has two additional air valves and the tamper that is suitable for leaf ingredients.

The buyer gets a 30-day money back guarantee that comes with a warranty to protect against defects.

4) Vita-Mix Blending Station Advance 48 oz. Blender

Vita-Mix Blending Station Advance 48 oz Blender
  • Model #: 36021
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Color: Clear
  • Capacity: 48 oz
  • 93 speeds

You should use the Vita-Mix blender to suit your needs if you have regular commercial orders. Various items such as juices, smoothies, iced beverages and milkshakes can be managed by this blender.

The generator, with a power of 3.0 horsepower equivalent to 34 amps of power, works at 1800 watts.

The unit has six drink buttons with 93 multiple speeds. You don't have to search for recipes as the machine consists of 34 built-in programs. You can mix the perfect recipe for different menus.

Or better yet, you can also use different pulses to make different blends. There is a user-friendly gui for the user to monitor the controls, and is often a touch screen. It has a 42 ounce weighing pitcher.

There is a choice of concurrently adding ingredients to the blender through the cap when working. The attenuation of noise is possible due to the strong insulation and a removable cover.

The materials used for construction meet NSF and UL standards, making them safe for use.

5) Vava 500 Smoothie Blender

VAVA Professional Countertop Blender, Electric Blender/Food...
  • Firmer Glass Jar: Perfect for family meals, the 51 oz/ 1.5 L heavy-duty, glass...
  • Positioned Off-center Blades: Designed to tear through tough ingredients, stainless...
  • Noise Reduction: Housed in a sleek, sealed sound enclosure, vava’s 1.4 HP...
  • Variable Speed Control: With just a dial and 3 pre-programmed cycles, you can make...
  • Safer by Design: Non-slip rubber feet offers extra stability on the counter; unit...

If you are looking for a blender that is lightweight with a price advantage, Vava takes the lead. The product is very portable and compact for storage convenience.

Overall, with three presets, including Ice Smash, Smoothie and Rhythm, the system has several speed controls. The controls conform to the blender's actions. For example, if you are crushing ice, it will automatically stop when it is ready to blend.

The adjustable speed and presets make it convenient to create blends like pancake batter or baby food. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this blender is impeccably quiet. Its motor is relatively smaller compared to its competitors.

The materials used to build the blender come from BPA-free plastic, which is co-friendly. Nevertheless, this product is made of a heavy-duty that measures 51 Oz to handle relatively large orders.

Quietest Blender Shopping Guide

There are several blenders on the market, and so the selection process can be a bit confusing. For starters, it is important to review the specifications and features so that you can make the right choice.

The following are the most important features to consider before you purchase your ideal blender:


Motors are the main contributors to noise, and you must first check the noise level of your blender. Manufacturers developed different methods to control the noise level by inserting insulating materials.

Rubber is the most common material that absorbs and muffles the noise of the motor. There is a certain case or cover to allow silence. Its housing is usually made of plastic, which dampens the sound.

Unfortunately, most manufacturers do not include decibel ratings. Alternatively, you can follow the reviews of other customers who may have similar products. The type of materials used will determine the noise level.

Above all, the whole exercise is risky, as what others consider quiet will sound loud to others!

Blade sharpness

The motor plays a crucial role in grinding the ingredients. However, this alone is never enough as you need sharp blenders to make the whole exercise easy.

It is easy to determine the standard of blenders. The best material is reinforced stainless steel for your blender. Seeing as that alone is a superior option, there really is no hesitation.

Whether from the suppliers or from genuine retailers, you will find a substitute for your blenders. Be careful to avoid buying cheap products from the black market as they are prone to rust and lead to some health risks.

Engine Power and Size

Your shredding capability will effectively be determined by the size of your engine or strength. Only if it can grind well is a quiet blender relevant. In fact, breathing through ingredients and frozen foods should be between 300 watts and 600 watts, the perfect engine.

Dishwasher safe parts

Several blenders are self-cleaning. What you have to do is mix the pitcher with water and soap and let the blender run for a couple of seconds.

Unfortunately, there is not a self-cleaning feature in certain blenders. First, you need to disassemble it before you start the cleaning exercise. It is important to choose a blender that contains parts that are compatible with dishwasher cleaning.


A warranty protects the item in case it fails or breaks down. The warranty ranges from three to ten years, depending on the brand, use and costs.

The fact that they have a limited warranty duration is one thing definite about consumer blenders. The primary theory is that they are sometimes used and this can quickly lead to a reduced lifetime.

Some manufacturers also offer a 30-day money back guarantee and a five or 10-year warranty. It is reasonable to know the warranty terms so that you can meet your expectations.

Additional functions

Some products offer additional functions such as manipulation and double replacement valves. They also have smart technology to control their functionalities.

A jar-pad sensor that detects inappropriate assembly can include other features. There is also a sensor for cavitation that is useful in identifying liquid shortages.

Final thoughts

Finding the quietest blender can be a daunting task, and this is mainly because manufacturers do not provide decibel ratings for their blenders.

While Blendtec Pro is the quietest blender, it is also the most expensive and ideal for commercial purposes. So if you're looking for a blender that offers great performance and is affordable, the Jamba Appliances Blender is a good option for you.

If you want a portable blender but a quiet one with low power, the VAVA Blender is the best choice for you.

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