Quietest Drumsticks for Drumming Volume Reduction 

 April 12, 2022

By  Tariq Taylor

Drumming is fun until it gets too loud and does not have the quietest drumsticks. Drumming is determined by the balance of force applied to the drum as the drumstick strikes it. As a result, balancing the strength you utilize when playing the drum set is solely your job as the drummer. This, however, is nearly impossible.

You will compromise the sound quality of the drums if you play at a low volume. When drummers strive to control the sound that comes from their drum sets, the quality of the music they produce suffers.

Even when playing with all of your intensity, a silent drumstick can help quickly lessen the sounds you hear from your drum set. One of the most effective solutions is to get quieter drumsticks if you do not intend to soundproof your workstation.

Therefore, we have listed some of the quietest drumsticks to help you select.

The Best Quiet Drumsticks

1. Vic Firth American Classics 7A

Vic Firth American Classic 7A
  • Perfect option for light jazz and combo
  • Also great for moving quickly around the kit
  • Tear drop tip
  • Crafted from premium USA Hickory

These drumsticks are a scaled-down version of the American Classic drumstick with excellent balance. They're ideal if speed and touch are your primary concerns when drumming.

Players who value speed and articulation prefer the Vic Firth American Classic 7A Hickory Drumsticks, which have a thin profile and lightweight feel. You know you got a good deal when Vic Firth makes it.

What makes you want to go with the Vic Firth 7A? They're high-quality hickory, perfect for low drum and cymbal volume. They are long-lasting and dependable.

You can use them for long because they undergo a rigorous manufacturing process that exceeds expectations, producing a softer sound. The drumsticks that don't make it are used to heat the kiln.

  •   Pros
  • Strong and durable
  • Smooth hold
  • Lighter and easy to drum with
  • Ideal for beginners
  •   Cons
  • List Element

2. Meinl Percussion Nylon Cajon Brushes Retractable Pair

Meinl Percussion Retractable Nylon Cajon Drum Brushes — Made in...
  • SEVERAL NEW SOUNDS: Meinl Retractable Nylon Brushes have more nuance on a cajon than...
  • WHY IT MATTERS: playing these brushes is a fun way to mix up your usual cajon...
  • RETRACTABLE NYLON BRUSH SPECS: 13.545" long, 0.625" diameter grip, medium-light...
  • CATCH UP QUICK: these brushes are made in U.S.A. with premium nylon bristles; nylon...
  • ONE BIG THING: the bristles fully retract into the handles without a traditional...

You can try these retractable Cajon brushes if you search for the quietest drumsticks. Although they are designed for Cajon players, you can also use these percussion drum sets to play drums. The nylon brushes are retractable, and this is mainly to protect the bristles and allow for a perfect fit in the bag during storage.

The durable nylon bristles feature lush, sweeping tones and snappy slaps. They also allow you to execute any drumming style that you would like, unlike the regular drum sticks.

If you need a softer sound than multi-rods or sticks but still want the rebound, these quiet drum sticks will deliver that. They allow for heavy back seats and specific drags on a drum kit. These brushes are also perfect for an acoustic kit.

They provide a softer overall sound with a touch made for coffee house sets or a small drum kit.

  •   Pros
  • Strong and durable
  • Smooth hold
  • Lighter and easy to drum with
  • Ideal for beginners
  •   Cons
  • Not suitable for hard players

3. Petift Drum Sticks Set

Vater Drum and Percussion Brushes (VBM)
  • Designed in collaboration with New York based Vater Artist La Free Olivia Sci
  • Versatile specialty brush that can be adjusted to provide the subtlety and swish of a...
  • Features a large but comfortable grip and wavy polymer strands for a unique sound and...
  • The drumsticks are wooden.

Look no further if you're looking for high-quality, consistent, and straight drumsticks. When you play with these drumsticks, you'll get a unique feel.

These drumsticks are narrow, resulting in a quiet, pure sound. In addition, the drumstick has a nylon tip that prevents it from breaking, cracking, or falling off while playing.

Computer analysis is used to match the tone and weight of all Vater Drumsticks. When using the Vater Drum and Percussion Brushes, you can anticipate unmatched sound quality.

This drumstick's comfortable grip and polymer are also featured you'll appreciate. This gives you a great feel and a unique sound when playing your drums.

  •   Pros
  • Versatile and durable
  • The volume is adjustable
  • Produces different sounds
  • They play quietly
  •   Cons
  • They don't keep their shape very well

5. JZY Retractable Drum Wire Brushes

1 Pair Drum Brushes Retractable Drum Wire Brushes Drum Sticks...
  • Drum brushes with wire brush feature a long Aluminum handle for comfortable grip and...
  • The drum brushes are made of high quality selected steel swabs and Aluminum handle,...
  • With retractable and hanging ring design, the drum brushes are easy and convenient to...
  • Drum brushes can be retracted for greater volume and articulation.
  • Comes with a black velvet drawstring bag: it's helpful to store and carry the stick...

These are drum brushes with a steel brush and long rubber handles that give them a comfortable grip. The package contains a pair of drum brushes and a bag for easy portability.

The JZY rushes are steel, which keeps the whole brush stable and stronger. The rubber cover also makes the brushes keep your hands warm during a performance.

This low-cost drum brush will ensure that your jazz drum set sounds amazing. It has a good spring back action and can provide a gentle, natural tone.

The drum wire brushes can retract for more volume and articulation—excellent choices for drummers, beginners, youth rock bands, and more.

  •   Pros
  • Great price
  • Light and make drums sound gently
  • It comes with a bag
  • Versatile
  •   Cons
  • The rubber handle gets sticky

What to Consider When Buying the Quietest Drumsticks

You won't just wake up and get the quietest drumsticks. You need to analyze them and be sure that they are what you want. So, to get the best when choosing quiet drumsticks, you will have to consider a few factors. Let's have a look at those factors.

a). Material of Drumsticks

Drumsticks are made from different materials, including hickory and oak. However, hickory is the most commonly used. Other materials are;

i). Maple- quick and lightweight. It is also lightweight and flexible and can provide quality sound.

ii). Hickory- medium weight and durable

iii). Oak- durable and heavyweight

Aluminum sticks also provide extra rebounds and are durable. However, when selecting a quiet drumstick,

b). Type of Drumsticks

Drumsticks produce different sounds depending on their type. There are four types of drum sticks, and they all drum differently. Let's have a look.

i). Sticks

Signature sticks from some of the company's most well-known artists are available from many manufacturers. These models are typically variations of standard shapes and sizes and are made to custom specifications. Manufacturers have even custom-made sticks to meet the musical style of a particular drummer.

ii). Rods

Rods, also known as rutes, are made up of multiple thin sticks linked together to form a single stick. Rods were first used in orchestral music and are now prevalent in conventional drum setups.

Rods provide a fantastic compromise between being louder than a brush and quieter than a stick when you need something in the center. This is because they consume most of the energy in the stick at low intensity to generate a tone that is generally associated with loud playing. Furthermore, you can change the tone by adjusting the band's position that holds the bundle together.

iii). Mallets

Mallets are sticks with a capped head made of cotton, cloth, or yarn condensed into a ball. The tips of some mallets are made of plastic or rubber. Birch, synthetic materials such as fiberglass or rattan are used for the shafts. Mallets are used with xylophones and marimbas, among other percussion instruments. They're wonderful for big, booming drums, and they also work well with cymbals, providing a different kind of building sound than normal sticks.

iv). Brushes

Brushes are used for soft effects at low volumes and come in various configurations and sizes. In addition, they are quieter than sticks. As a result, brushes have a distinct sound that jazz, pop, and Latin drummers adore. Brushes are made up of wires, or plastic strands joined at the handle and can be used in various ways.

c). Size of Drumsticks

Due to the drummer's use of force to hit the drums, the size of a drumstick can play an important role in noise reproduction.

Drumsticks typically measure 15 to 17.5 inches in length. The length of a drumstick is determined by your hand size and what feels correct to you.

The best way to ensure that your drums produce a quieter sound is to use thinner sticks. Less force is required with a thinner drumstick.

The weight and diameter are represented by numbers and letters 7A, 2B, and 5A, respectively. The lighter the stick, the higher the number. When it comes to diameter, a 5B stick, for example, is thicker (bigger in diameter) than a 5A stick.

The primary letters used are;

A (Orchestra)- ideal for low volume performances

B (Band)- concert bands and marching

S (Street Band)

D (Dance Band)

Drumsticks labeled A is the best for softer and gentle sounds as they are perfect for producing soft sounds.

How to Reduce Drum Volume to Get Softer and Gentle Sound

Practicing drums can be tricky if you live in an apartment. Your neighbors didn't sign to hear your drum. So, the best thing you can do to practice drums and still ensure you don't distract your neighbors is to reduce the drum volume. So, how can you reduce drum volume? You can do different things to reduce your drum volume for everyone's peace of mind.

Some of those methods include the following;

a). Use of Drumheads

The volume of drums can be drastically reduced by replacing normal drumheads with mesh heads. This is the greatest option if you want to make acoustic drums quieter. It's also one of the best options for playing drums softly in an apartment.

b). Use Drum Mutes

Drum mutes are a simple and quick way to reduce the volume of drums. They're soft rubber pads that you put on top of your drumheads, with the advantage of being able to remove them quickly if you want to play full volume. In addition, coated heads help lower the noise produced, making this one of the best ways to lower drum volume if you are drumming in an area that is not soundproof.

c). Get Electronic Drums

An electronic drum kit is substantially quieter than an acoustic drum kit. Quiet electronic drums are an excellent alter.

Electronic drums have become popular over the last few decades, and the latest models will most likely astound you. They are also an excellent choice to keep the noise down.

d). Soundproofing

You can consider soundproofing if you cannot access or do not want to use the ideas discussed above. However, this may not work very efficiently unless you plan to soundproof the whole room. Furthermore, even the cheapest soundproofing materials aren't that cheap and could discourage you.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Quietest Drumsticks

1. Do drum mutes work?

Drum mutes reduce the volume of your drum kit by about 70%, which should be plenty to keep your neighbors happy if you drum at home. However, keep in mind that even when drumming in an apartment, the sound will travel (particularly through the floor or weak walls) and may irritate your neighbors.

2. Are thicker drums louder?

Even though larger drums move more air than smaller ones, they are not always louder due to drum pitch and resonance considerations. A larger drum, in any event, has the possibility for a greater amplitude. As a result, it's considerably more difficult to say whether it genuinely sounds louder.

3. Are deeper snare drums louder?

The pitch is determined by the diameter of your shells, while the depth determines volume and resonance. A shorter shell has a brighter tone, faster attack, and less echo than a deeper shell. Although the deep shell appears to be louder, it has a significantly lower volume.

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