What Gaming Headset Does Shroud Use In 2023 

 January 16, 2021

By  Tariq Taylor

It goes without mentioning that it is important to have quality sound when gaming or streaming. Whether you are a new gamer (“noob”) or a professional, an individual looking to entertain yourself or a gaming Pro looking to elevate your game, you need the best headphones the industry has to offer. Be it to quickly pinpoint your enemy’s location or showcasing your skills on Twitch or YouTube when live streaming from your PC or console, having a quality pair of headphones makes it possible for you to be on top of the competition enjoying your time while you are at it.

Ever wondered why Shroud is extremely good? Other than talent it also is a result of his gaming set up. I believe you know, to be the be the best gamer you also must watch The Best, most probably the reason you are here.

Late 2020, the gaming world was introduced to an amazing product collab with none other than one of the world’s biggest gamer, streamer and YouTuber Michael Grzesiek, popularly known by his gaming alias, Shroud. Working with Logitech Gaming, they introduced to the market “The Shroud-Pro Series Edition”. True to the name this is a product every gamer (aspiring pro or casual) needs to get their hands on. The collection contains high-end next gen equipment inclusive of a pro gamers keyboard and mouse. But the reason we are here is because of this amazing piece of modern ingenuity, quality and technologically advanced headphones, used and endorsed by Shroud, The Logic Pro X Wireless Lightspeed Gaming Headset.

If you were looking for headphones, wireless or not, for your gaming needs this is truly the right one for you. Be sure to follow through with us as we take a deeper look into the Logitech Pro X Wireless headset; Specs, features and more.

Logitech Pro X Wireless Review

Logitech G PRO X Wireless Lightspeed Gaming Headset with Blue...
  • Based on the award-winning PRO Gaming Headset design, the PRO X Wireless headset...
  • High performance PRO X gaming headset with Lightspeed wireless technology, up to...
  • Next generation DTS Headphone: X 2.0 7.1 surround sound channel with object-based...
  • Advanced PRO-G 50 millimeter drivers deliver clear and precise sound imaging with...
  • Soft memory foam earpads with your choice of premium passive noise-canceling...


This headset brought to you by Logitech G boasts amazing technological features and advancements when compared to other headsets in the market. Let us have a look at some of the features it brings to the table.

Product Specs:

  • Length: 138 mm (5.43 in)
  • Width: 94 mm (3.70 in)
  • Height: 195 mm (7.67 in)
  • Weight: 370 g (13.05 oz)
  • Charging Cable Length: 1.8 m (6.56 ft)

Overall Aesthetics and Durability 

This headphone is not only Great in its performance but in its appearance too. Boasting a pretty sleek and minimalistic design, the Logitech Pro X is made to be durable underlining the fact that it has a premium fork and steel-reinforced headband installed. Durability and appearance are out of the question when it comes to this Wireless headset.

Lightspeed Wireless Technology

The Logitech Pro X Wireless, as the name suggests offers the gamer with lightspeed technology, which simply means that you have no latency problems. Say goodbye to the days of sound or connection delays in your gaming adventure.

Battery and Connectivity

It also means that you can fully focus on your session without worry of the headset’s connectivity or battery performance. With up to 20 plus hours of battery life topping it off with up to 15m range of connectivity with 2.4 GHz frequency you are sure to have no unnecessary interruptions

Blue Voice Advanced Microphone Technology

This feature is an amazing addition, to any gamer adding richness and cleanliness to your voice through adding real time-filters, giving you a more professional feel when interacting with other gamers or viewers. With the Logitech G Hub, you are introduced to advanced features and voice filters, DTS surround Headphone: 2X surround function when using your PC.


The Logitech Pro X Wireless Lightspeed Gaming headphones come with a super comfortable pair of memory foam earpads and its headband is wrapped in luxury leatherette. This design also improves the performance by providing passive noise isolation. In the pack also included is extra velour for those who desire a softer feel.

Surround Sound

With the DTS Headphone:X2.0, this headphone takes you beyond 7.1 channels of Dolby Digital sound. It also has enhanced bass rendering, audio clarity and proximity cues. Also, with the new awareness que you can be sure that whether your competition in-game are near or far you can efficiently locate them and hear their movement with ultimate precision.

PRO Gaming 50MM Drivers.

With Logitech Pro X, you get a unique hybrid mesh construction that brings amazing clear precise sound imaging. This gives you the ability to clearly interact and hear your gaming surrounding giving you the required boost to win the day. With 50 mm drivers, your Pro Gaming needs are catered for granted that you have added accuracy over a wider frequency range and higher bass response.

Price and Packaging

For under 200$ this headphone is definitely worth the purchase. With the headphones in the package, you also get: Memory foam leatherette ear pads (installed), extra memory foam cloth ear pads, USB LIGHTSPEED Wireless adapter, detachable mic with foam wind screen, 1.8m USB A to USB C charging cable, carrying bag and user documentation.

As you can see the Logic Pro X Wireless Lightspeed Gaming Headset is truly an amazing product.  No need to sit around and debate about it. To summarize allow us to list down the Pros and Cons for you:


  • Has perfect surround imaging
  • Multiple microphone settings and filters
  • Reliable battery life
  • Durable and attractive design
  • Has a long connectivity range 15 m
  • Wireless capability
  • Has detachable microphones
  • Super comfortable
  • Great packaging


  • The Mic might need some tweaking to get the best sound
  • The bass might not be great for some
  • Can only work though the USB transmitter

What else is there to say, with the Logic Pro X Wireless Lightspeed Gaming Headset you are sure to game, perform and stream on higher level. Gaming has never sounded this good. Just as Shroud we full endorse this product to be one of the best in the craft. Be sure to get yours today.

Tariq Taylor

Price is the ultimate factor when deciding to purchase noise-canceling headphones, and while the above sentiments might be true Tariq Taylor is of the opinion that the merits of the soundproofing headphones are to be considered first. And that is the reason why he decided to come up with the comprehensive excerpts on soundproofing headphones. Tariq is a tech enthusiast and has been advocating for the production and use of quality tech gadgets, which includes the headphones. Tariq is married with one kid and has a massive collection of headphones that he reviews occasionally and also runs a forum where other tech experts converge to share ideas and discuss the challenges facing the tech industry.

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